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Premium Chanter Tape Thumb Stop Piper's Third Hand
Premium Chanter Tape
Our Price: $6.99
Thumb Stop
Our Price: $9.99
Piper's Third Hand
Our Price: $11.99
Premium Chanter Tape To improve birls, taurluaths, B strikes and gracenotes use a thumb stop on either your practice chanter or your bagpipe chanter. Ever wonder how you are supposed to learn how to tune your pipes?
Chanter Cap Replacement Rod for Piper's Pal Chanter Cap Piper's Pal Chanter Cap
This "one size fits all" black chanter cap tightens down with a plastic screw against the hemp.  It prolongs the life of your reed by resisting mold and other damage Did you lose the rod for your Piper's Pal Chanter Cap? Enjoy the humidity control storage benefits of the Piper's Pal without ever removing your reed from the pipe chanter.  The Piper's Pal Chanter Cap allows you to always be ready to play.