Standard Size Pipe Boxes
Bagpiper Case

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Black Fiber Pipe Box

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Soft Sided Bagpipe Case

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Bagpipe Caddy

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Pipe Major Size Pipe Boxes

Pipe Majors Pipe Box

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Misc. Other Cases

Aluminum Travel Size Pipe Case

- fits under the seat of a plane 
- measures 13" wide x 18" length 
      x 6" height 

Soft Sided Carrying Case for Fireside Pipes, Shuttle Pipes, Small Pipes or Practice Chanters

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Aluminum Case for Fireside Pipes

- measures 13" wide x 18" length x 6" height
*Discounted* if purchased at the same time as fireside pipes 
SAVE: $10.00 if purchased at same time as fireside pipes
Practice Chanter Soft Case

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Fagerstrom Case

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Tartan Thistle
Small Pipe or Practice Chanter

Soft Case

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Are you looking for a Pipe Box? The Tartan Thistle has a variety of Pipe Boxes including Deluxe Aluminum Pipe Case , Black Fiber Pipe Box and Soft Sided Bagpipe Case . For more information on Pipe Boxes contact The Tartan Thistle