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Wylie Bagpipes

We provide an Appraisal for Insurance Purposes with the purchase of all new Wylie Bagpipes - FREE

We provide your pipes to you "Blowing & Going".  What this means to you is:

- we tie in your pipes and make sure the bag is sealed and not leaking
- we primer your bag
- we season your bag (you purchase the seasoning)
- we hemp your pipes with waxed hemp
- we make sure there is no spinning hemp joints
- we check the pipes internally with scopes for internal cra king
- we set up your reeds
- we set your cords to the proper distance
- when you get your pipes, all you have to do is unwrap them, put the reeds in and play
That's It !!

Wylie Bagpipes

1/2 Silver
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$1500.00 deposit required

Wylie Bagpipes

Full Silver
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$1500.00 deposit required

Silver Designs