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Full Kilt Package

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Complete Kilt Package


- 8 yard, Medium Weight, Worsted Wool Kilt! 
  (either 11 or 13 oz - from available list)

(other tartans may be available to additional charge)

- Semi Formal, Daywear Black Wool Jacket!
   (36S to 46L - larger sizes available for 
                          additional charge)

- Black Leather Day Sporran & Sporran Strap! 
  (extra long straps available for $2 charge)

- Black Leather Belt with Piper's Buckle! 
  (any size)

- Aran Hose & Flashes! 
  (you choose the color of flashes)

- Black Leather Ghillie Brogues!
   (available from men's size 6 to 12 
    larger  or  smaller sizes available for 
    an additional charge)




ghillie brogues

aran hose & flashes (cuffs not included)

sporran & strap
(may not be exactly 
  as shown)

belt & buckle

full 8 yard, 11 or 13 oz kilt

black argyll jacket

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